Benefits of eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edition

Research Topics eLibrary 2015Aside from the fact that ProQuest eLibrary and ProQuest eLibrary Curriculum Edition offer over 109 million documents, all in full-text, and 8 different media types, there are a number of other exceptional values associated with eLibrary. One of these is the growing and diverse collection of Research Topics pages. These pages are topical compilations of some of eLibrary’s “best of” content on major areas of study. You can find items for use in any research project from biographies to tablet computers, history to major social issues, or science to health. Research Topics even bring together key information and material found in eLibrary supporting Common Core ELA standards. There are currently over 10,000 of these unique pages in eLibrary, and growing.

Come and learn all about eLibrary’s Research Topics pages — or any other of our expansive ProQuest resources. You may request a privately arranged training with any member of our Training and Consulting Partners team. To get started, just email us at training@proquest.com . We’ll respond back to you and work to get everything arranged!

If one of our public webinars are a better fit to meet your needs, visit us at www.proquest.com/go/webinars.

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