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CultureGrams: New South Sudan Interviews!

One of the great resources CultureGrams provides is Interviews with people from all around the world—from Morocco to Papua New Guinea to Tajikistan and beyond. From these interviews, you can learn all kinds of things about what it’s like to live in a different country through the personal experiences of real people who live there, including their daily routines, their favorite foods, their roles in their families, their biggest worries, and more. So far in 2016, we’ve added more than 30 new interviews!

Our newest interviews are four from South Sudan. Check out the excerpts below to get a glimpse of what life is like in this young country that gained its independence from Sudan just 5 years ago. Click the links to go to the full interviews.

Mawa; age 28; Juba, South Sudan
“I speak Madi as my primary language, a language with clicking sounds that is widely spoken in the Eastern Equatoria state. I can also speak Acholi. This all comes as a result of my experiences as a refugee in Uganda, which helped me to understand people from different backgrounds. […] Additionally, I learned Arabic, which is the national language, and English in school. I use these languages for communication with locals and foreigners.”

Mary; age 28; Juba, South Sudan
“I strongly identify with my ethnic group, the Nuer. Our culture is different from other ethnic groups in South Sudan. Both my mother and father kept their culture and traditions. They don’t have knowledge about school or church. Both parents believe in only the traditional god. […] As the second-born child, I follow my mother’s activities, such as cooking food and fetching water.”

Gatwech; age 17; Juba, South Sudan
“All young men want to go to school so they can have a better future. Most of my friends don’t go to school, and this is what I hate the most because I want them to share in the same activities as me. Sometimes, I try to talk to them about the importance of school and they tell me that they understand, but later they disappear. Some of them explain that they can’t join me at school because their parents don’t have enough money to pay for their education and that hurts me.”

Nyakuma; age 10; Juba, South Sudan
“My favorite food is our local food called walwal, sorghum porridge, mixed with either milk from a cow or powdered milk; it may also be eaten with meat sauces. Walwal is a major part of our diet at home. We sometimes change what we eat once in a while when we want lentils and bread. I also love kebabs (skewered meat) and fruits. I like apples better than all the other fruits. My daddy knows this, so he brings me an apple when I want it.”

To learn even more about life in South Sudan, check out the CultureGrams South Sudan World report, Kids report, slideshows, and videos!

SIRS Discoverer – New! Winter 2014 Product Update

SIRS Discoverer’s dedicated editorial and development teams were hard at work throughout 2013 creating new features and content.  Each new feature was prioritized and designed in response to feedback from our valued customers like you.

This product update details the new features that now available in SIRS Discoverer, all in support of curriculum standards including Reading Informational Text, Listening, Language, and Information Literacy.  New feature highlights include:


  • Article Translation on-the-fly translation of every article to 11 languages
  • Export to Easybib –  export citation information from every article into your EasyBib bibliography
  • iThink Skills Tutor – direct instruction and assessment of critical thinking skills and information literacy standards

    Easy access to over 500 nonfiction books, including DK Eyewitenss Series provides motivating, highly-graphical reference material from popular publishers.

    New Nonfiction Books feature

  • Nonfiction Books feature – 500+ titles graphically organized with easy links to PDF book format
  • Readspeaker – text-to-speech with highlighting now on every article page
  • Source type icon display sources noted on search results and article page
  • Thumbnail display of images sneak peek at all graphics

Stay tuned for more new curriculum-based content, features and tools in SIRS Discoverer in 2014.

Have a suggestion?  What else can we add to SIRS Discoverer to make your life easier?  Comment below or email SIRS Product Manager: tami.kirk@proquest.com.