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New on CultureGrams: Average Person Infographics


Denmark Average Person Infographic

CultureGrams editors are excited to announce the addition of a new feature to the World and Kids Editions. The Average Person Infographics! These colorful infographics, based on statistical averages and other measures taken from the CultureGrams data tables, highlight factors such as income level, family size, language, religion and more.


  • Thumbnails and descriptions are available on World and Kids landing pages
  •  A high-res PDF is available for printing
  • Statistical sources are listed at the bottom of each file
  • A citation generator is available for this feature at the bottom of the enlarged image box
  • Each infographic will be updated yearly

More Infographics

SIRS Issues Researcher’s new one-click infographics feature also has a variety of informative infographics and their Common Core-aligned guide, Understanding Infographics, will help students analyze three major components of an infographic: layout, content, and story.

Want to learn more about infographics and how they meet Common Core Standards? Click here.