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CultureGrams: New Interviews Added!

Interviews Gallery

Over the past month, CultureGrams has added 8 new Interviews! And there are even more coming soon! The 8 we added are

These interviews by country natives are not only interesting and fun to read, but they also give students insider knowledge into what life and culture in the country are really like.

Here’s an example from the Thailand interview, in which Saichai, age 51, talks about general Thai attitudes and how she feels about being Thai:

Saichai, ThailandI’m proud of being Thai. I like the way of life here, the way people usually deal with each other, and that everyone tries to be easy going. Of course, that’s not always possible, and there are many problems as well, but it’s the way people deal with that. Sometimes people complain that many things go wrong in this country, but isn’t that the case in every country of the world? Our culture is also a lot about accepting the circumstances and not letting them get you down. Because the only thing that will happen is that you feel bad about things you cannot change anyway. I have never been abroad, but when I see foreigners who come to Thailand, I feel that sometimes they worry too much about little things.

Find more interviews from countries all over the world in the CultureGrams Interviews gallery!

CultureGrams — New Kids Country: United Arab Emirates

The CultureGrams editors are excited to announce a new Kids edition country report!


The new United Arab Emirates report includes detailed information on the history, culture, language, food, and daily life of this country.

Here are some fascinating Did You Knows about the United Arab Emirates:

  • There are no street addresses in Dubai. All mail is delivered to post office boxes.
  • Emirati boys and girls are given their father’s first name as their middle name. When they get married, women keep their father’s last name rather than taking their husband’s.
  • Each emirate (small territory) is ruled by a Muslim monarch called a sheikh.
  • Around two-thirds of the country is sandy desert, and there are no natural lakes or rivers.

Find out about the majority expatriate population, discover the popular sport of falconry, and read about the beloved holiday Hag al Lailaor “night of giving,” all in this colorful new report.