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“Out with the Old, In with the New”: proquestk12.com Moved!


We updated our look! On December 21, 2015, the proquestk12.com website moved to the proquest.com domain.

There is nothing that you need to do in response to this move.

The proquestk12.com URL automatically redirected to our Schools page: www.proquest.com/libraries/schools.

From the Schools page, you’ll find the same great information such as training videos, product information, classroom tools, and more.

To access your ProQuest resources, simply look for the PRODUCT LOGIN button (pictured below) located at the top right of the Schools page.

  • For training resources, and classroom materials, navigate to the Resources section.
  • For additional information about this change, click here.

Thanks again for being a valued ProQuest customer and enjoy the new web page!

Join Us And Make This Year A Success With ProQuest!

K12 Team 3August and September are the best months of the year to start assuring a successful outcome for the upcoming school year. That’s why now is an excellent time to get caught up on the finer points of your ProQuest resources!

It’s an even better time to gain strong familiarity with the content and features being provided to you if you’ve licensed new ProQuest resources since last spring.

Join the ProQuest Training and Consulting Partners this August and September for a free online class to learn what you need to know to get the most out of ProQuest this year.  Here’s how:

Sign up to join one or our monthly free online classes at http://www.proquestk12.com/go/trainingsignup.

If your class or topic of interest isn’t posted, that’s OK!  We’ll schedule it for you.  Just contact us at training@proquest.com, or contact the K-12 / public library / community college specialists directly:

jeff.cutler@proquest.com, deborah.bergeron@proquest.com, or wendell.butler@proquest.com.

We’re glad to assist and help expand the great value you receive from ProQuest!

Search Strategies — Finding What You Need

If I type my first search term into my reference resource, I should find exactly what I want right away, right? And if I don’t, doesn’t that mean my resource probably doesn’t have what I’m looking for?

PQRC Strategies

Not necessarily. Gaining a basic understanding about how search engines work and how to prioritize what you’re looking for can change some searches from night into day. For example, using quotation marks around a needed phrase, or using the Boolean operator “OR” when searching across many possible terms about the same subject, such as “American Civil War” OR “United States Civil War” could go a long way in assuring quality results from a search.

Where can you learn about search strategies and other key parts of the research process?

Try the all-new ProQuest Research Companion.  It’s all about making practical sense of the research process.  You can learn more about ProQuest Research Companion by contacting the ProQuest Training and Consulting Team to schedule a private webinar, or access one of our public webinars.

A Little Boost for School Librarians and Classroom Teachers

K12 Team 3Greetings for the New Year!

We know that teacher librarians and classroom educators often have very tight schedules. In recognition of that daily reality, late last fall our K-12 training team made some changes to our free monthly public webinars. Our new monthly webinars are now resource “overviews” that run only 30-minutes, instead of one hour. That saves you time, and still provides a needed boost to your knowledge and to the value of your ProQuest resources. We welcome any to our free public classes who may have an interest and who could benefit from learning more about using ProQuest’s K-12 resources in the classroom. To see our free monthly public webinar schedule, CLICK HERE.

Of course, we are also very happy to provide extra time for those who would like to go a little more in-depth, focus on specific topics and content, or just cover particular questions. You’re more than welcome to make custom requests — we’re happy to work with you to best meet your needs. We’re available to arrange free privately scheduled webinars at any mutually convenient time for whatever length of time may be appropriate, as well as for any sized group — including faculty or district meetings. We can also discuss on-site training options, when available. How do you get started with this? Just send us a request for contact using our training request form — CLICK HERE.

Let us help you make 2014 your best ProQuest year yet! We look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Cutler, Deborah Bergeron, Wendell Butler — ProQuest Training and Consulting Partners for K-12.

Wishing You The Best for 2014!

K12 Team 2The ProQuest K-12 Training Team would like to thank our ProQuest user community for the opportunity of working with you in 2013. We’re excited for all of the new things yet to come in 2014!

We wish you all a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you soon in class!

Contact our K-12 training team to arrange a no-cost meeting at your convenience, focused on your ProQuest resources with their Common Core and curriculum connections.

Or, look here for monthly 30-minute resource overviews on your favorite ProQuest research solutions.

Would you like an attendance certificate?  We’ll provide one — just ask!

New Professional Development Webinars Added for September and October — Join Us

Register Classes2The ProQuest Training Team’s monthly free webinars are in full swing as the school year starts getting underway.  We’re adding classes now for September and October, and even more will be coming soon.  This is a great opportunity to see how much your ProQuest resources have to offer as you plan for the months ahead.  Here are just a few of the topic areas that will be discussed in some of our classes during the next few weeks. . .

Secondary world history, science and math, Common Core, building inquiry-based learning modules (eLibrary BookCarts), using ProQuest’s e-book collections, project-based research tools, advanced and college-prep research systems, elementary and middle school differentiated resources and informational text, major national and international issues and debate, world and national culture.

Each class is provided in a live setting online, and you are welcome to ask questions and provide feedback during each session.  Attendance certificates are also available for the time you’ve spent with us in class.  Come join us and get a jump on researching and learning with ProQuest for the upcoming school year!

Summer Professional Development Classes Now Posted

Register ClassesThe training team has now posted our July-August professional development classes for K-12 resources.  Come join us to learn about the extensive opportunities ProQuest provides for expanding the worlds of our young learners.  Here are a few examples. . .

e-books from ebrary — ever growing in interest and use in the K-12 world, ebrary provides opportunities for unlimited access to tens of thousands of information-rich non-fiction e-books, along with annotation, sharing capabilities, document uploading, and more. . .

CultureGrams — CultureGrams lets you experience authentic culture as if you were actually there, from recipes to famous people to customs and lifestyles, in multi-media format. . .

ProQuest Research Library Prep, ProQuest Central K-12, and the ProQuest platform — world-class resources for students in all curriculum areas, combined with the challenge of college-level research functions and content. . .

eLibrary, My eLibrary, and BookCarts — a long-standing leading resource for K-12, eLibrary’s content sets a standard of excellence for research.  eLibrary provides eight different media types in one single location, including authentic web content that is right on target.  eLibrary also provides over 7,000 Research Topics pages, giving students context from some of the best available content on most major topics with just a single keyword search, and BookCarts and My eLibrary take eLibrary even further by providing unique ways of taking notes and completing inquiry-based research projects. . .

SIRS Knowledge Source and SIRS Discoverer — SIRS resources are award-winning collections that are constructed at the article level, and carefully indexed with Library of Congress subject headings.  With SIRS, young researchers can learn from the earliest reading levels, use graphic organizers and readers’ theaters, and older researchers can laser focus on major issues and topics for debate and position papers, looking at pro/con and everything in between, meeting the needs of Common Core requirements. . .

There’s more — science, literature, and history just to name a few.

Whether you currently use ProQuest or simply want to know more, the ProQuest Training Team is here to help give you a full understanding of what the possibilities are with all of our varied resources.  And better yet, all of our training services are available to you at no cost.  You can even bring your whole faculty to meet with us — just contact us to learn more.  Come join us today!

Got a Question? Check with the ProQuest Training Team. . .

Working and Learning at a ComputerOur ProQuest K-12 Training Team works on many projects, including illustrating ways in which ProQuest K-12 resources may be effectively used with Common Core and other state and national standards.  We also help create and maintain video trainings, work with schools, such as your own, on-site or via the latest remote meeting software, and meet with educator groups both large and small across the country in training meetings and at conferences.  Additionally, we spend a significant amount of time discussing your feedback and ideas with our resource and content development teams.  What does this mean for you?  It means we can be a great resource for helping assure your success with ProQuest!

Do you have a question about your ProQuest K-12 resources?  If so, CLICK HERE and provide us with your contact information and question.  We’re happy to work with you!


LibGuide Training Calendar

Free April Training Classes — Join Us!

Register ClassesWe have a powerful line-up of free webinar classes waiting for you in the month of April!  It’s easy to learn about all of ProQuest’s K-12 resources by joining one or more of our webinars.  You can even request an attendance certificate for your time with us.  And, if you would like, we’ll put your name in our drawing for a gift card!  Classes focus not just on functionality, but also on the valuable content ProQuest provides, curriculum connections — including Common Core — as well as research tools.  Come and join us this month.

Classes include some of the following:

Common Core and ProQuest

ebrary — E-books for Schools


SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Knowledge Source

SIRS Discoverer

Historical Newspapers


eLibrary BookCarts

My eLibrary

eLibrary Research Topics

eLibrary Science

ProQuest Learning: Literature

History Study Center

To learn more about ProQuest Training and Support, click here.  To contact a member of our training staff in your area, click here.  To view recorded videos, click here.

ebrary and Mobile Devices

ebrary mobileebrary, ProQuest’s vast collection of available e-books for student research and learning, provides multiple ways of accessing content, including the popular ability to download and use content on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android devices.  The mobile interface allows you to search and scan materials, and read live online.  Depending upon individual title permissions, downloading is available for direct access within the mobile device for 14 days.  Downloaded text may also be copied and pasted with automatic inclusion of the bibliographic citation.  Searching for keywords within a specific text, along with browsing those keyword hits within the text is additionally provided.  You may easily scroll across all of the text or move from chapter to chapter.  ebrary’s collections focus on key curriculum areas, and provide a vast array of mostly non-fiction informational content, ideally suited for classroom support and the needs of Common Core.

Do you already use ebrary?  If so take a look at the short video below for instructions on getting started using ebrary’s mobile access!

ebrary mobile video

To learn more about ebrary as a resource, join the ProQuest K-12 training team for a free live webinar, or contact us directly to arrange a privately scheduled meeting.