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The Top Share This Posts of 2015

Happy New Year

Here at Share This, we want to look back at 2015 and see what resonated with our audience. Showcased are the top posts authored in the past year that you viewed the most:

1. 50 Things You Can Borrow from Libraries Besides Books: See this wildly popular post that featured an infographic of 50 unusual things you can check out at libraries around the world.

2.  They Say It’s Your Birthday: Learn about three fascinating individuals who share the birthday of July 21, which is also the birthday of the post author.

3. CultureGrams—New Kids Country: Vatican City: Discover fascinating facts about Vatican City with a link to view more in the Vatican City report.

4. The Constitution in the Classroom: Petitioning for Change: View this valuable post about Constitution Day that features an engaging petition activity for students to learn about the First Amendment.

5. Come See Us at AASL!: See how ProQuest interacts with customers during conferences. Your feedback is highly valuable.


Unusual Library Things: 2015’s Number One Post on Share This Blog

6. Welcome to Congress, Bella Abzug!: Discover the fascinating life and work of Bella Abzug, an icon of the Women’s Movement.

7. Exploring the Causes of the Civil War: See all the resources that eLibrary contains to teach the causes of the Civil War.

8. Increase Student Engagement: Help Launch the #AskAStudent Movement: Find tips to get to know your students and the life issues they face through engaging questions and writing prompts.

9. 50th Anniversary of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch: Explore the history of the St. Louis Gateway Arch through the extensive historical collections of ProQuest K12 products.

10. Create Your Science Project or Experiment with eLibrary’s Help: Discover how eLibrary can help get any science project or experiment off the ground.

Have a healthy and happy New Year! Here’s to an awesome year of learning, discovery, technology, and connection in 2016!

Best of Share This: Top 14 of ’14

Here at Share This, we wanted to look back at 2014 and see what resonated with our audience. Showcased are the top 14 posts created in 2014 that you viewed the most.

Top 14

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14. The Super Moon, and Isaac Newton’s “Principia” and Law of Universal Gravitation

13. 100th Anniversary of the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

12. Remember the Maine?

11. CultureGrams―World Religion Quiz: Buddhism

10. 60 Years Ago: Brown v. Board of Education


STEAM was both a top post and a top K12 educational trend of 2014.
Credit: Fractal Art by werner22brigitte [Public Domain] via Pixabay

9. STEAM Resources for the Classroom and Library

8. eLibrary Content Showcase: Bridgeman Art

7. Weathering the Polar Vortex

6. CultureGrams–Regional Quiz: Oceania

5. St. Patrick’s Day 

4. CultureGrams: Beyond the Nigerian Schoolgirl Abduction

3. Anniversary of “The Raven”: Why Poe’s Famous Poem Lives On Forevermore

2. ProQuest Learning Literature Offers Citation Generator

1. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity Published

Have a healthy and happy New Year. Here’s to an awesome year of learning, discovery and connection in 2015!