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Editor’s Top Picks

Educators, do you need a resource to spark classroom discussion or promote ideas for research on themes like holidays, current news events, or other topics that may be of interest to students? Each product within SIRS Knowledge Source offers an Editor’s Top Pick feature that recognizes an article or website for its research value. You can visit the home page of each product to view the Editor’s Top Pick in the upper right.

SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Discoverer WebFind, SIRS Renaissance and SIRS WebSelect editors update their Top Picks weekly, while SIRS Government Reporter’s Top Pick is updated each month. Try the Editor’s Top Pick today!

Ready? Get Set for the 2012 Summer Olympics

Wondering what sports are new to Olympics this year?  Want to know who currently holds the most Olympic metals?  Age-appropriate articles offering historical information, fun facts and timely news stories related to Olympics are now available in SIRS Discoverer.   Throughout the games, access Olympic 2012 information featured as the Top Pick section on SIRS Discoverer’s homepage.