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Fall into Reading: Teen Read Week


Credit: Pixabay/License: CC0 Public Domain


October 12-18 is Teen Read Week, a nationwide literacy initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association. It is not only targeted at teens, but also their parents, teachers, librarians and booksellers. The mission of Teen Read Week is to “dare teens to read for the fun of it” which can sometimes be a difficult thing to do in the midst of reading for class. Another goal of the program is to establish “lifetime readers.”

Studies show a decline in teen readership despite young adult literature being at the top of some bestseller and publisher lists.  However, Teen Read Week is not just about reading books. Teens are encouraged to read all forms of writing–books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, comics, etc.—whether print or electronic. With the advent of e-readers and online sources, the “technological revolution” has certainly impacted the face of reading.  The week also serves as a reminder of the vast resources offered by school and local public libraries and to promote these resources to teenagers.  Libraries use Teen Read Week as a tool to attract young readers into their doors via events such as poetry jams and book giveaways.

eLibrary offers opportunities to read from many different resources and source types.  Simply click on the Publications tab, and then search by name, type or subject.  With over 2600 titles, one can read anything from the latest newspaper or magazine article, a chapter in a book or a transcript from a recent radio or television program.

The theme for this year’s Teen Read Week is “Turn Dreams into Reality.” Become a regular reader and library user. Strong literacy skills equal better performance in all areas of life.  Whether book or comic, fiction or nonfiction, academic or pleasure, reading can help dreams become real.