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This year at my school, SIRS Discoverer will be used for _____________________.

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Here at SIRS Discoverer, we pride ourselves on selecting the best and most relevant resources.  Every article, website, and graphic are carefully reviewed to guarantee relevancy, credibility, standards alignment, and appropriateness to students.  Special Database Features, such as Science Fair Explorer, save time by making our most-used content sets easily discoverable, enabling success to even our youngest users.

SIRS Discoverer editorial staff collaborate to determine the best-of coentent

SIRS Discoverer Editorial Staff selects the best-of content.

Abraham Lincoln?  Bullying?  Solar energy?  Let us help you save time!  Please tell us about the projects your students will be tackling in upcoming months. Because SIRS Discoverer is 100% editorialized, we can personally ensure the most motivating, most age-appropriate, most relevant resources are right there waiting for your eager students to discover with ease.

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Got trash?

SIRS Discoverer is the place to be if you are an educator or a parent (or both!) in search of fun and educational science fair experiments.   Science Fair Explorer, a Database Feature in SIRS Discoverer,  is a highly visual interactive that connects you to exciting science fair projects.  Background information related to the science area of study – Chemistry, Physics, Life Science, Water, Ecology & the Environment – are quickly accessible in this feature.
All projects can be completed at school or at home with every day objects such as items found “in the garbage bin,” “in the bathroom,” and “in the junk drawer.”

–Tami Kirk