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Read-Aloud Plays for Teachers and Students

Many elementary school classes like to perform short plays. It helps the students with their reading skills, memorization, public speaking, and more. My daughter’s third-grade class performed a short play for some of the students this year! They performed a Native American play called “The Strongest One.” It was great to see all of the students working together during the performance and having a great time too. They even asked questions to the audience afterwards about the message behind the play–how all things are connected within our environment.

"The Strongest One" Play Performed by Third-Grade Students

“The Strongest One” Play Performed by Third-Grade Students
Image by Jennifer Oms

A great place for teachers to find read-aloud plays for elementary school students is in SIRS Discoverer! You can find a great collection of plays for many different reading levels. From historical fiction to mysteries to fantasies and more. Here are some examples:

The Ballad of John Henry Storyworks

The Case of the Gooey Chocolate SuperScience

The Spiderwick Chronicles Storyworks

And from SIRS Discoverer WebFind, here is a resource for more children’s plays:

ZOOM Playhouse: Act Up and Put On a Play PBS

SIRS Discoverer also has a great collection of fictional read-aloud stories for children such as:

Hannah and the Birdman Storyworks

The Day That Lasted All Night Click

For all our your researching needs, turn to SIRS Discoverer.

SIRS Issues Researcher Supports English Language Learners

Do you teach or work with students with limited proficiency in English? SIRS Issues Researcher supports English Language Learners by offering several useful integrated tools so you can customize the learning experience.

Lexile Scores:
Lexile reading level scores help you select content by reader ability and text difficulty to help challenged readers. With the Advanced Search feature, you can narrow search results by a range of lexile levels to find appropriate material.

Language Translator: Students learning to speak English or learning a foreign language can translate articles to 11 different languages. This feature allows users to view and compare the text in English and their native language.

Read  Aloud: Lower-level readers and ELL students can listen and follow along with text-to-speech where each word is highlighted as it is read. Or MP3 files may be downloaded to an audio device or computer.

Here’s an Application Idea:

Improve English proficiency through both audio and visual support!

Language Translator + Text-to-Speech Read Aloud =Integrated Support for Students Learning English

1. Using the translation tool, convert an article to student’s native language.

2. Print article after it has been translated.

3. With printed article in hand, students follow along in their native language on paper as they listen in English through our read aloud functionality.