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Hutchinson Encyclopedia Added to eLibrary

Looking for primary source documents? Look no further than the 2011 edition of the Hutchison Encyclopediawhich recently moved into production in eLibrary.

HutchinsonThis respected reference work will replace the 2005 edition already in eLibrary, titled The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia.  The new version will be available to users via search, publication tab, and reference desk tab in eLibrary, eLibrary Canada, eLibrary Elementary, and eLibrary Australasia .  The 2005 edition will remain in eLibrary’s archive for reference purposes, but will be removed from search, so that users get the most up-to-date edition in their search results page.

In the new version there are a total of 78,599 documents!  Most of these are text article documents but close to 100 of them are Table of Contents documents, which aid in the navigation of this massive resource.

There are 3 kinds of document types associated with this title:

  • Articles
  • Historical documents
  • Essays

These documents include special features such as navigation links, links to other articles in the same publication, videos, audios, country fact boxes, amazing facts, images (which include full size image links and expandable images), memory joggers, quotations and tables.

So, what kind of information can you find in the Hutchinson Encyclopedia? The U.S. Civil War entry includes historic photographs and a colorful map of troop movements.  There is the full-text of the Gettysburg Address.  The entry on air pollution includes a video on the causes and effects of this damaging phenomenon. Listen to the sound an accordian makes in the entry for that musical instrument.

Hutchinson: it’s reference, it’s primary source, it’s multimedia, it’s authoritative…and it’s in eLibrary!

MPI video in eLibrary offers historical perspective

This 1973 clip chronicles the fashion “craze” of the platform shoe and warns of the shoe’s dangers to the feet and legs.

There are over 2800 video clips representing daily life and great events from throughout the 20th century in eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edtion. These videos, distributed by MPI Media Group, incorporate clips from the WPA Film Library Archive and the British Pathe Newreel Archive, among other providers. The topics of these mostly two to three minute clips run the gamut, from world affairs and government to fashion, sports and the arts. Clips range from the hilariously campy to the poignantly affecting. They include newsreels, music videos, commercials and even home movies and silent films.

MPI videos are just one of a number of providers of video found in eLibrary’s multimedia vault, totally nearly 18,000 video and audio clips, with more added all the time. These clips are ideal for incorporation into student projects that require:

  • primary sources,
  • representations of daily life in the past and
  • an understanding of media representations of gender, race and class in the recent past.

To browse through an alphabetical listing of MPI clips, simply follow the Publications tab in eLibrary and search for MPI.