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Empowering Millennials for College and Career

Careers Research Topic Guide Screencap via ProQuest eLibrary

Careers Research Topic Guide Screencap via ProQuest eLibrary

Millennials face different hurdles than their parents when it comes to college and career. Careers requiring college educations are highly sought, but for some, financing a $100,000 education just isn’t plausible. It’s hard to logic moving hundreds or thousands of miles away to pursue opportunities that may or may not lead to steady careers later on. That being said, it’s important for millennials to build skills and know how to leverage skills and experiences to land jobs and thrive in them. Traditional 4 year universities, vocational schools or community colleges offer opportunities to gain skills but they need not limit themselves to these choices.

Millennials may need to go beyond traditional strategies and explore new pathways to career readiness:

“The world has changed from when we were kids. The sentiment ‘it’s a competitive market out there,’ means that your children need to be creative and think outside of the box when looking for work experiences. To help them come out on top, we must first inform them of all the options that are available to them. Then we have to expose them to real world opportunities and experiences that will help them decide what pathway they want to follow and will ultimately help them come out on top of the crowd.”–4 Things Parents Should Know To Help Children Navigate Today’s Job Market, Career Cruising Blog

Professional experiences–including but not limited to internships, temporary work, part-time or full-time jobs and volunteering–all serve as valuable stepping stones to future career paths. Experience is key. To succeed as adults, children and teens can discover lessons from their mistakes. They can learn what they like and dislike by exploring different industries. The more skills, experience, and industry intelligence they gain, the more they will be ready for the rest of their lives.

On the pathway of knowledge, learning can guide the career inquiry process. ProQuest understands how to simplify the research process so that students of all ages can not only feel ready for college and career but can also be empowered to select their next pathway. ProQuest learning resources offer a wealth of information to explore a myriad of industries. Need a place to start on a career pathway? Try the eLibrary Research Topic Guide: Careers.