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2014 That’s Debatable! Poll Results Recap

That's Debatable via ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

That’s Debatable via ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

When something significant happens in the news opinions are quick to take shape, especially online. ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher editors know a good debate starts with a good question. Our That’s Debatable! polls are meant to elicit these debates and serve as a tool to share views and spark lively discussion in the classroom. With the year nearing completion, we’ve put together a recap of the 2014 results:

In February, 52% of poll takers agreed that Russia was doing enough to ensure the safety of athletes & visitors at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

In March, 60% of poll takers felt children were being overmedicated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In April, 61% of poll takers believed more laws were needed to protect the rights of transgender people.

In May, 48% of poll takers agreed more regulation and monitoring was needed to prevent prescription drug abuse.

This summer, 83% of poll takers felt students should not be assigned more homework over the summer break.

In September, 55% of poll takers agreed nutrition standards for schools were too tough.


In October, 47% of poll takers voted that the NFL and other sports organizations should not immediately penalize players who are accused of domestic violence.

Where do you stand? Do you feel the U.S. government is doing enough in response to the Ebola virus outbreak? Share your response this month and see how others voted on this issue.