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Are Human Rights Universal?

Declaration of Human Rights

“Declaration of Human Rights.” Photo credit: Vibragiel via photopin cc

According the American Heritage Dictionary, human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Basic human rights are valued by some governments more than others. Regardless, citizens across cultural and geographic boundaries seek rights like freedom of expression, freedom to choose a religion, freedom from torture and the right to vote. But is the concept of human rights universal?

In SIRS Issues Researcher, ProQuest editors have posed this essential question in the Leading Issue for Human Rights, Universal.

While some stand by the belief that human rights apply to everyone regardless of their culture, there are others who believe human rights are defined and limited by where they live or their customs and day-to-day challenges.

The concept of universal human rights is outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. This important document has become a highly regarded cornerstone within international law. The declaration describes over two dozen forms of human freedom.

What is your declaration?

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World Hello Day: November 21

Bonjour! Hola! Ni Hao!

Today marks the 41st annual World Hello Day!

The Hello Day initiative began as an effort to demonstrate the importance of personal communication and preserve world peace. Started in 1973, in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel during the Yom Kippur War, this day is now observed by people in 180 countries. All you have to do is reach out to just ten people on November 21st. By greeting others, the message expresses that world leaders should use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.

Do your part to promote world peace and “greet ten people for peace”– you can even learn to say “hello” in a different language. Then, why not stop by our Facebook page at ProQuest Homework Central and say Hello!