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Let’s Debate…Federal Funding of the Arts

Federal funding of the arts–which encompasses visual art, performing arts, cultural events and programming, public television, public radio, and more–has been a politically debated issue for decades. Want to learn more about both sides? Check out the infographic below. Then explore more by visiting SIRS Researcher‘s new Leading Issue Public Funding of the Arts.


SIRS Issues Researcher is a pro/con database that helps students understand today’s controversial political issues with editorially selected analysis and opinions that cover the entire spectrum of viewpoints.

Don’t have SIRS Issues Researcher? Free trials are available.

NPR Transcripts with Audio in eLibrary

If you have done much searching in eLibrary, you probably knowtranscripts icon that there are eight media types available and that one of these is transcripts. Our collection of transcripts includes material from TV, radio, congressional hearings and other great sources, and among the best is the news, commentary, interviews and arts content from National Public Radio. The kicker is that most of the NPR transcripts have an embedded audio player that allows you to hear the original audio. This is a great way to have a more immersive experience and to feel the power of the spoken word in context.

The NPR programs that include embedded audio are:

(These links go to the publication issue browse for each title.)
All Things Considered

Fresh Air
Morning Edition
NPR Special
News and Notes with Ed Gordon
Talk of the Nation
Talk of the Nation Science Friday
TED Radio Hour
Tell Me More
Weekend All Things Considered
Weekend Edition
Weekend Edition – Saturday
Weekend Edition – Sunday

Currently, Here and Now does not have audio.

Just click on the speaker icon below the title and an audio player will open. Note that this embedded audio is from the actual program and should not be confused with the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech capability that is available with all documents.

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