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eLibrary Cool Tool : Tags

Previous posts in this space have discussed My eLibrary, My List, Take Notes and other tools in eLibrary to help you organize, annotate and save your documents. Another feature along these lines is Tags. Here’s a quick look at how to use them.

First things first: You must be logged in to My eLibrary to add and use your tags. If you don’t have an account, click the “My eLibrary” button at the top-right of the eLibrary screen and fill out the form to create one. Also, there will be some mentions of My List later, so see the blog post about My List for more information.

When you open a document in eLibrary, you will notice a list of options near the top of the page. If you are logged in to My eLibrary, one of these options is “Tags.” You can click this button to open a box and add a short label that describes the document.

tags buttontag box

You and others can add multiple tags to a document. (If you have already added a tag to a document, the button will be “Edit Tags,” and you be able to add new tags or edit existing ones.) Once a tag has been added, the “Tags” indicator will be attached to that document whenever you, or anyone else, sees it in a results list. Holding the cursor over this indicator will show all tags associated with this document.

tags indicator

When you go to the main page in My eLibrary, all of your tags will appear in the My Tags box (just below the Saved Lists area). Clicking on an item will take you to a list of all of the articles that you have tagged with that name.

my tagspurebreds

You can click the boxes to select documents from this and other tagged lists to compile items in My List, which can, in turn, be retained as a permanent Saved Lists. The tags remain on the documents until you remove them, so you can continue to tag and find your documents forever.

Not only can you use your tags, but so can other users, and you can use theirs. Look for the “Search for Tags” button just below the Publication Name box near the bottom of the Advanced Search screen. As you type, phrases will appear in a drop-down box. Click on a phrase and you will get a list of all documents–from all users–with that tag. Who knows, you might find something good.

search for tagstag search

So, whether you are working on a specific project or doing ongoing research over a long period, tagging allows you to identify, collect and organize documents in ways that are meaningful to you.

Saving Documents in My List and My eLibrary

One of the handiest and most basic tools in eLibrary is My List, allowing you to select documents during research and collect them in a list that is then saveable in My eLibrary.

When you find a document that you want to save, just click the “Add to MyList” box beneath the document title in the search results or to the right of the title on the document screen.
Add to MyList circle 300

Add to MyList doc circle 450

To review your list, click “My List” in the toolbar in the top-right part of the screen. You will then see citations for all of your collected documents in a numbered list, along with options for editing, saving, sharing or printing it. One useful feature here is the ability to delete documents from the list, allowing you select documents freely while searching and then trim your list after further review.
My list page big small
You can permanently save a list by giving it a name in the “Save List to My eLibrary” box at the left or you can save the documents to an existing list. To save lists, you must be logged into your My eLibrary account, which can be accessed by clicking the My eLibrary button at the top of the screen. If you do not have a My eLibrary account, you can create one by filling in the information below the log-in area. Having a My eLibrary account also allows you to create timelines, slideshows and more.