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Exploring the International Space Station Library

It’s not unusual to think of books and other types of media when discussing libraries, but we usually don’t associate floating in space with the word library (although you may if you’re deep in your imagination…but I digress.) Believe it or not, there’s an informal library of books and media on the International Space Station, much of which was left by astronauts. While it isn’t huge, it has continued to grow over the years. To illustrate what media you may find aboard the International Space Station, I’ve made an infographic. Thanks to a couple of Freedom of Information Act requests listed in the sources section of the infographic, some details about the number and types of materials on board were found.

And for more information on the International Space Station, visit the SIRS Issues Researcher Leading Issue page which highlights invaluable resources and editorially selected articles to help students debate and discuss the International Space Station both in the classroom and outside it.

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Newsweek (Global Edition) added to eLibrary

publication browse image of Newsweek (Global Edition) in eLibrary

As is well known by now, the venerable magazine Newsweek ceased publication with the December 31, 2012 issue. The decision was another milestone on the path of major media outlets moving from print and digital editions to exclusively digital.

eLibrary recently began offering and archiving the online only reincarnation of this respected weekly, Newsweek (Global Edition). Back issues of Newsweek, the print magazine, continue to be available in eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edition from 1999 thru 2012. Newsweek Web Exclusives (for online only content) and Newsweek International also continue to be available.

For more coverage about the transition of Newsweek to a  digital only edition, read Print Version of ‘Newsweek’ Gone, But Not Forgotten

Open Web Access for Time Magazine in eLibrary

Time magazine is the largest circulation weekly news magazine in the world. The cover of Time magazine is iconic and throughout the 20th century has set the agenda for what the American people, and many in the world, will be talking about.

For awhile, ProQuest has offered Time magazine and other titles via Open Web Article linking. Open Web Article Linking is the availability of URL links within a ProQuest article record that takes the user directly to the freely available article in full-text on the publisher’s website.

Now Time is available in eLibrary via Open Web Article linking!

As with ProQuest, eLibrary offers linking to Time from the year 2000 forward with a 3 month embargo. Articles before 2000 are not freely available on the Time.com site. New documents appear on the Time.com site 90 days after the publication date.

Documents in eLibrary from each issue include metadata such as an abstract, citation and publication information, along with a link to the full text of the article on the Time.com site.  Individual documents from the magazine will appear in search and can be browsed by date through eLibrary’s Publication Browse feature.

New to eLibrary

Since July 2011, eLibrary has added: