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Teacher Appreciation Week: SIRS Tools to Assist Educators

As the nation celebrates National Teacher Week inside of schools, here at ProQuest we are honoring educators by highlighting how SIRS Educators’ Resources can assist them in their daily classroom challenges, helping America’s nearly seven million teachers better enhance the learning experiences of their 77 million pupils.

ProQuest’s LibGuide, for example, provides a tremendous overview of SIRS products and product features. Learn about different ways to highlight content in lesson plans, from varying approaches to navigating over 330 Leading Issues, to Research Tools including timelines, global impact highlights, and statistics.

Research Tools

SIRS’ MyAnalysis offers students an alternative method of laying out research for papers and assignments. Taking the student step-by-step, the SIRS tool guides learners through six stages, beginning with selecting a topic which interests them, to writing a proper thesis statement, and finally applying the knowledge they have obtained to the project at hand.

Whether focusing on shaping lesson plans around the Common Core Standards, or searching for a novel approach to incorporating current events into the classroom, SIRS’ abundant educational tools are ready to help make that transition seamless.