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Match Reading Levels in SIRS Discoverer

Effective educators equip their students to be lifelong learners. One essential skill in each student’s learning toolbox is an aptitude for reading. SIRS Discoverer is a general reference resource that offers a fully customized reading experience for students. Content results can be sorted by Lexile score to match reading level to student aptitude for those in elementary, middle and high schools. Editorially-selected reading levels associated with each article also provide guidance.


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Lexile scores match reader ability and text difficulty, allowing individualized monitoring of student progress.  Progress is key for college and career readiness.

The Common Core State Standards for reading “establish a ‘staircase’ of increasing complexity in what students must be able to read so that all students are ready for the demands of college- and career-level reading no later than the end of high school. ”

Climb the ladder of reading success with SIRS Discoverer!

Leading Issues for Middle School

Junior high/middle school students may be challenged by research since they are in the process of developing critical thinking skills. They may feel ill equipped to navigate the Internet’s sea of information and can easily get lost in an information overload of sources that may be over their reading level, incorrect or even inappropriate.

SIRS Issues Researcher’s Leading Issues is the solution for Middle School students to navigate the research process step by step with content that matches their reading level.

Each Leading Issue models a logical argument with a topic overview to understand the basics, an essential question that poses a position and yes/no articles to support each side. Each Leading Issue also contains terms to know, quotes, statistics, and critical thinking questions as tools to fully analyze their selected issue. Lexile

As students dig deeper in content related to their topic, they will find balanced viewpoints to effectively support any argument. Articles and graphics are vetted from a variety of media for appropriate content and can be sorted according to Lexile level.

Middle School students will have no trouble selecting an issue of interest to them personally with choices such as Cyberbullying, Fracking, School Uniforms and Cell Phones in School.

Let SIRS Issues Researcher be the go-to resource to help to make difficult topics accessible and customizable for any middle school student.

SIRS Discoverer Supports English Language Learners

Are you challenged with finding high-interest content in support of English proficiency standards? SIRS Discoverer makes it easy for English Language Learners, and their educators, to find just the right article, graphic or website.

Here’s how SIRS Discoverer supports and empowers ELL students:

Lexile Scores:   Lexile reading level scores for every document help ELL students select content by reader ability and text difficulty. With the Advanced Search feature,  search results can be narrowed by a range of Lexile levels to find appropriate material.

Color Coded Reading Levels:  In addition to Lexile Scores, SIRS editorial hand-assigns and color codes a reading difficulty level based on text and content complexity.  

Editorial Touch:   SIRS editors select 100% full-text content daily from a variety of safe sources, excluding confusing reviews, schedules, or captions.  In addition, SIRS Discoverer offers editorially-written summaries of every article, subject indexing, in-line thumbnail pictures and textual visual literacy.   

Skills Discoverer:  SIRS Discoverer’s unique database feature provides hand-selected weblinks to high interest, interactive games and activities engaging students and encouraging independent use as they build English language skills in all  curricula areas.  Six sub-curricula topics related to Language Arts make this feature particularly useful to ELL users!            

Graphics:  Other Database Features such as Biographies, Fiction and Activities provide easy access to high-interest targeted reading material with supporting graphics such as tables, charts, maps, diagrams, photographs and illustrations.