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The New Kennedy Assassination Files

Kennedy Assassination ProQuest Research Topic

Kennedy Assassination ProQuest Research Topic

Tomorrow, November 22nd, marks the 54th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Late last month, scholars, amateur historians, and never-satisfied conspiracy junkies were poring over newly released files by the National Archives related to the assassination. The files have been released in accordance with the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act passed in 1992, which requires all materials related to the assassination be released within 25 years. However, to the chagrin of the conspiracy-minded hordes, several hundreds of files were blocked by President Trump at the behest of the CIA and FBI, who deemed some details within the withheld files would hurt U.S. national security or harm informants who are still alive today.

Educators can take this opportunity to teach students how to sift out fact from fiction with respect to this important moment in U.S. history with eLibrary’s significant content on Kennedy’s assassination and related topics.

Here is a sampling of the more interesting bits of information from eLibrary’s collection of newspaper articles reporting on the files released by the National Archives. Some information will perk the interest of conspiracy theorists:

Ruby Murders Oswald (Credit: Ira Jefferson "Jack" Beers Jr. (1910-2009) for The Dallas Morning News. Public Domain)

Ruby Murders Oswald (Credit: Ira Jefferson “Jack” Beers Jr. (1910-2009) for The Dallas Morning News. Public Domain)

  • The FBI warned Dallas Police that Lee Harvey Oswald’s life was in danger after he was taken into custody for Kennedy’s assassination.
  • Cambridge News, and a small daily British newspaper, received an anonymous tip of the assassination 25 minutes before the president was shot.
  • Russian-born Texas oilman, George de Mohrenschildt, met Lee Harvey Oswald at a social function in January 1963. de Mohrenschildt was George H.W. Bush’s prep school roommate’s uncle and was also a friend of first lady Jackie Kennedy’s parents.
  • Oswald visited the Soviet embassy in Mexico City just weeks before the assassination.
  • The CIA knew Oswald was in Dallas days before Kennedy was assassinated.
  • Soviet defector Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Nosenko, who had been spying on Oswald while living in the Soviet Union, said the KGB did not try to recruit Oswald because they thought him to be unstable.
  • The Soviet Union feared that they would be blamed for Kennedy’s assassination and had suspicions that Vice President Lyndon Johnson was responsible.

Teachers can explore further into eLibrary’s store of information beginning with its Research Topics on the Kennedy Assassination, John F. Kennedy, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Researchers can also dig deeper with searches using eLibrary’s homepage and advanced search pages.

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Fifty Years Later: The Kennedy Assassination

Where were you when…?  For this generation and the one before that question would end with September 11th.  For your parents’ and grandparents’ generations, that question would end with the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Prior to September 11, 2001, besides December 7, 1941 (the attack on Pearl Harbor), no other date was as well-known as November 22, 1963.  On this date in Dallas, Texas, the United States lost its President.  Not just any President.  John F. Kennedy was the youngest at age 43 to be elected President and the first President born in the 20th century.  He was America’s first Catholic President.  He and his family — Jackie, Caroline and John Jr. — were America’s “royalty” in what came to be known the “Camelot Era.”

The Eternal Flame at President John F. Kennedy's Memorial at Arlington

eLibrary offers a wealth of information on President Kennedy — his life, his presidency and his assassination.  One interesting John Kennedy Jr. saluting his fatherplace to get a feel for the time is MPI Videos.  You will see footage of the day of the assassination and the president’s lying in state, his military funeral and the lighting of the eternal flame at his grave.  See historic photographs from Dallas and Washington.  Lyndon Johnson taking the presidential oath with Mrs. Kennedy at his side, Jack Ruby moving in to shoot alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy, Jr. saluting his father as the casket carrying his body passed are just a few of the iconic images of those mournful days.  Finally, get an illustration from a Reuters News graphic of how the assassination took place as the President’s motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy AssassinationWhile Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with President Kennedy’s assassination, conspiracy theories have abounded as to whether he was the only assassin.  The Warren Commission in its 1964 report concluded Oswald acted alone.  Later, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations found the report flawed and concluded JFK’s killing was more than likely a conspiracy.  We may never know the whole truth.  Regardless, the assassination of President Kennedy will remain a turning point in American history.