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Searching for Shakespeare

Shakespeare Folio“What needs my Shakespeare for his honor’d Bones…” English poet John Milton asked in his epitaph to William Shakespeare, who most people consider the greatest playwright  ever.

Well, what need do we have for Shakespeare?

In a nutshell, through his timeless writing, Shakespeare gives us a unique view of the human condition that cuts through all cultures and societies, and continues to be relevant, even today. With his extraordinary genius for the art of language he expressed the breadth of human experience like no other. So pervasive is his influence, that adaptations of his plays have been produced in every continent, and over 410 film and television adaptations to nearly every one of his plays have been produced.

eLibrary has an array of resources, including magazines and scholarly journals, that can help you with your research on Shakespeare and his writings, whether it’s for biographical or historical research, analyzing the text for its literary value, or preparing for a role in one of his plays. Two Research Topics are devoted to Shakespeare the man and the question of authorship. In addition, eLibrary has Research Topics on many of  the plays in Shakespeare’s canon which can be accessed by performing a basic search by play title. For literary analysis, eLibrary has two scholarly journals of distinction, Shakespeare Quarterly and Shakespeare Studies. For full text versions of nearly all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, there are the Complete Works of Shakespeare and Great Works of Literature reference books.

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Today’s News

Where can you find dynamically-updated articles and commercial-free videos covering all breaking news?  Link to “Today’s News” from both the SIRS Knowledge Source and the  SIRS Issues Researcher homepage for articles, images and videos covering  top national and global headline news stories.    If  you are in search of  high-interest informative current event articles for your Social Studies or Language Arts classes, then SIRS’ Today’s News feature is the perfect spot for you.

Curriculum Support @ SIRS Discoverer

Skills Discoverer, a Database Feature in SIRS Discoverer, quickly connects users to a variety of editorially-selected, high-quality educational websites.   Motivating game-like activities and challenges engage kindergarten through ninth graders as they practice building skills in art, health, language arts, math, science and social studies.  Skills Discoverer promotes differentiated instruction and learning for individuals or groups, at school with classmates or at home with the family!