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Help! Participating in National Volunteer Week (April 23-29)

National Volunteer Week…an opportunity to give back, to devote time, energy and emotion to helping others. And what an ideal opportunity to show students the multitude of benefits–tangible and intangible–of working together to help make the world around them a better place.

The concept of National Volunteer Week was born in 1974 when President Richard Nixon established, with an executive order, an effort to encourage people of all ages to contribute to the betterment of their communities.

Volunteering Research Topic

Volunteering Research Topic via ProQuest’s eLibrary

The list of ways to volunteer in your area is endless. And absolutely anyone can do it: students, retirees, folks with plenty of free time, and even those with very busy life schedules.

Many companies, like ProQuest, offer Volunteer Days to their employees. Whether it’s organizing and boxing up goods at a local food bank, or mulching and raking a trail at a nature preserve, no feeling quite equals the satisfaction of helping others.

ProQuest employees volunteering at Dare to Care food bank

(Photo Courtesy of ProQuest)

ProQuest employees volunteering at Creasey-Mahan Nature Preserve

(Photo Courtesy of ProQuest)











“Volunteers help drive our country’s progress, and day in and day out, they make extraordinary sacrifices to expand promise and possibility. During National Volunteer Week, let us shed the cynicism that says one person cannot make a difference in the lives of others by embracing each of our individual responsibilities to serve and shape a brighter future for all.”

President Barack Obama (2016)


5 Notable Library Philanthropists

"Library" via Pixabay [Public Domain]

“Library” via Pixabay [Public Domain]

The holidays are about giving back. Libraries are in the business of giving back year-round through resources, books, information and much more. While we appreciate our libraries and librarians for all their hard work, sometimes we want to do more. Not all of us may be able to donate large amounts of money to benefit libraries, but I wanted to highlight some philanthropists who did. Giving back to libraries goes beyond financial donations, and this could mean donating books or items, your time or resources or even ideas for the community. Let’s take a look at 5 philanthropists who made a difference for our libraries.

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Share the Holidays with SIRS Discoverer

The holidays are a time of receiving but also of giving. SIRS Discoverer is where you can research ideas that are about helping others during the holidays and all year round. Use the Browse Subject Tree feature to find articles, websites, photos and graphics about volunteering, personal growth and social activism. Volunteering in your local community, donating things you no longer want or need, helping a charity or spending time with those less fortunate are all ways to give back.  Some helpful articles to get you started are Is There a Hero in You? and Charitable Birthdays Redefine Giving for Kids. It’s never too late to help someone else, and SIRS Discoverer has the resources to show you how. Use your talents this season to help a charity or promote a cause. You’ll be glad you did!