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CultureGrams–New Expanded Texts

At CultureGrams, editors continuously verify and update the content in our World, Kids, States, and Provinces reports during several different processes.  One process is an Expansion, which involves working with several natives or long-term residents in a country to increase the length and breadth of perspective of each reports’ cultural content. Recently,  I added two new expanded World texts: Israel and Oman. Sections like Family, Housing, Dating and Marriage, Life Cycle, Diet, Recreation, Holidays, and Education underwent the most change. Just see for yourself.





During Expansions, we also update and add to our Recipes, Famous People, and Photo collections. Over the weekend, I decided to try out one of our newest recipes from Israel, cholent! Cholent (also known as dafina in North Africa) is a traditional Jewish stew that is prepared before the Jewish Sabbath on Friday evening and is kept heated on a warm stove top, oven, or crockpot until a Saturday afternoon or evening meal. I made my cholent in a crockpot on Saturday and ate it for Sunday dinner. It was absolutely delicious!


Check out the recipe for cholent and more here.

Have you noticed CultureGrams’ country reports getting bigger? What new recipes, famous people, and photos do you enjoy? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

-Jenni Boyle