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Vietnam War Research Topic via Proquest eLibrary

Vietnam War Research Topic via Proquest eLibrary

March 8, 2015, marked 50 years since the first American ground forces arrived in Vietnam. American military advisers had been in the country since 1950 and the First Indochina War, which saw the French attempting to retain colonial control in the face of a Chinese-backed insurgency that had raged since shortly after World War II. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, a 1964 skirmish between U.S. and North Vietnamese warships, was used as justification for greater American involvement, and over the next ten years, more than 58,000 Americans and more than a million others were killed in the conflict.

Along the way, the Tet Offensive, the Battle of Hamburger Hill and the My Lai Massacre would shock the public, make the Vietnam War synonymous with quagmire and prompt massive protests across the U.S. and elsewhere.

While the April, 1975 fall of Saigon ended American involvement in the conflict, the difficulties were not over for many. Veterans of the war faced tough times dealing with their experiences and their return home, and the families of those who were were presumed killed and unrecovered or declared missing in action were denied closure.

Today, the Vietnam War is seen as one of the darkest times in American history, and debates still rage about all aspects of the conflict and the lessons that were, or were not, learned.

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