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SIRS Discoverer: Presidential Election for Kids

presidential election

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As we all know, this year’s presidential election has been highly contentious and at times “not suitable for children.” However, it is important for young students to be aware and involved with the election process. So how should teachers handle what is happening with the election?

Teaching Seventh Graders in a ‘Total Mess’ of an Election Season (New York Times) discusses how 7th-grade teachers are facing the challenges of how to handle election discussions in their classroom.

Teachers Use Nasty Election to Spark Polite Student Debate (AP) showcases how teachers are using the election to encourage critical thinking and research skills and suggests some ideas for your students:

–Analyze a newspaper article on the election and write two to three paragraphs about it.

–Take a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, tally Clinton and Trump yard signs and write two to three paragraphs about why the student thinks people in the community might support one candidate over the other.

–Interview five people about who they are voting for and write about why they support a particular candidate.

Still need creative ideas for examining the elections is your classroom? Since the articles and images on SIRS Discoverer are hand-picked by editors you will find content that is age-appropriate for your students. Here are some subject searches to get you started:

Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Trump, Donald

Election 2016

Presidential candidates

Election Coverage with SIRS Issues Researcher!

We are about a year away from voting in the next our next president. This is a good time to learn all about important campaign issues and the potential presidential candidates. There are many resources available to do this, and ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher is a great place to start. Our Election 2016 Leading Issue can help you navigate the world of politics through editorially-selected articles in a format that offers both content and context. Critical thinking questions prompt students to go beyond the surface to examine issues. Election season is also a perfect time to start planning class debates.

What campaign issues will you focus on in your classroom? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve our coverage? Comment below or Tweet us at #ProQuest!

New in Researcher: Election 2016 Leading Issue!

Just in time for election season, ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher’s Election 2016 Leading Issue will help your students gain an understanding of the latest race for the White House.

Campaign Fund-Raising Arms Race

Nearly $400 million has been raised during the first half of 2015, and next year’s presidential contest is expected to cost up to $5 billion, which would make this election the most expensive on record. Rather than going directly into the campaigns, most of the money is flowing into super PACs and other outside groups that are allowed to raise unlimited amounts of money from wealthy individuals, corporations and labor unions. According to a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission reports and Internal Revenue Service records, there are less than four hundred families responsible for almost half the money raised so far in the 2016 presidential election.

With so much money being raised by so few people, our Election 2016 Essential Question poses the question — Will the super-rich buy the 2016 election? Editorially-selected yes/no viewpoint articles are provided to help students critically assess the issue and come up with their own answer.

How would you answer our Election 2016 Essential Question?

(If you can’t see the poll below in your browser, click on Playbuzz.)

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Tell Us What You Think

What other issues are of importance to you and your students in this election? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at #ProQuest.

In-Depth Post-Election Coverage


United States President Barack Obama, with First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia, welcomes Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden on stage following his election night remarks at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois on 6 November 2012. [Public Domain] Photo by White House/Chuck Kennedy via Wikimedia Commons.

Election season is over and the seemingly endless stream of debates, campaign rallies and political ads has ended for what was the most expensive presidential election in U.S. history. After going to the polls on November 6 and casting their votes at polling stations across the country, Americans made their decision. President Barack Obama emerged the winner by securing key battleground states in a grueling battle against Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Still craving more? SIRS Issues Researcher’s coverage of the election doesn’t end on Election Day. Political junkies will appreciate our continuing post-election coverage through the Spring of 2013.

SIRS Leading Issues is the only resource for Election 2012 that provides the essential questions, perspectives and viewpoints to allow users to critically think about the issues and draw their own conclusions. Find additional coverage on related topics, and access hand-selected articles and interactive websites. Also check out the Research Tools section for a Topic Overview, Timeline, Global Impact, Statistics, My Analysis and Note Organizer.

If you need a recap of the main contenders’ views on the top issues of the election, we’ve got that covered, too. Click on the interactive feature of the Election 2012 Leading Issue for overviews and related resources on the economy, energy and the environment, foreign policy, health care and immigration.

You can also participate in this week’s That’s Debatable poll and cast your vote on which issue President Barack Obama should prioritize during his second term.

Trust SIRS Issues Researcher for the most in-depth coverage of the 2012 Election.

Election Resources in eLibrary!

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There are a number of current and historical resources you can find in eLibrary about the U.S. Presidential election.

Perform a keyword search on “Election 2012” and, in addition to the expected list of varied resources from a range of publications and source types, there is a visually attractive and informative Research Topic page, created and maintained by ProQuest’s team of editors. Like all other Research Topic Pages, the Election 2012 Research Topic page curates some of the best text and image documents found in eLibrary. The intention is to provide users with useful background on the topic before they delve into the search results list. Information about the candidates, the key issues and predictions and polls from respected global sources are included.

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Studying a past election is a great way to put the current presidential election in historical context. Utilizing the autocomplete feature in the eLibrary search can connect you with Research Topic pages on past elections. Simply start typing the words “Presidential Election” in the search field of the Basic Search screen and a range of recent and distant election search queries will appear in the autocomplete dropdown menu. Select the election that interests you. Chances are, there is a Research Topic page for that election as well.

eLibrary includes a collection of historic maps created by Cartographica that display all types of interesting information about past U.S. Presidential and Congressional elections. To find these maps, perform a Publication Search for “Cartographica.” Once in the collection, simply select the Search within this Publication link in the upper right. Search the word “Election” and the wealth of Cartographica maps on elections will appear.

As the election results roll in, be sure to visit eLibrary for current, authoritative information from newswires, magazines, TV and radio transcripts and photo service feeds.

For an overview of the Research Topic feature in eLibrary, click here.