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eLibrary or ebrary? Learn the Answer in this Week’s Webinars

This week’s webinars are sponsored by the letter “E.”

e products

eLibrary or ebrary? Is this the same product with different spelling? The answer: No, these are two unique ProQuest products that offer excellent educational solutions and when used together are a powerhouse!

eLibrary®—the user-friendly general reference tool—delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content designed to support every range of user, including elementary students, college-prep and college-level researchers, and professional educators. Educators can even search for resources that correlate to state and national standards.

ebrary helps libraries align with Common Core Standards by providing essential and affordable ebooks relevant to national and provincial curriculum standards. We offer dedicated mobile apps, downloads, citations, annotations, and more.

Learn why the e in eLibrary and ebrary equals equipped in upcoming webinars:

9/17/2014: eLibrary for Schools 4 pm EST

9/18/2014: ebrary–ebooks for schools 3 pm EST

See all available classes on the K12/Student Resources webinar page.

Feature Training Classes — Come and Join Us!

This week we’re highlighting two of our many training class offerings:  ebrary: E-books for Schools and SIRS Issues Researcher.

ebrary mainebrary: E-Books for Schools 

ebrary is a key part of one of the fastest growing types of resources in schools and libraries — electronic books.  ebrary from ProQuest has been a part of the e-book world for more than a decade, and is particularly noted for its non-fiction content which may be used so effectively with Common Core.  ebrary can provide libraries with access to extensive collections which reach well beyond the space where a physical collection could be housed.  And, because books may be so easily searched and scanned, it can virtually assure increased usage.  ebrary provides models ranging from unlimited subscription access to direct purchase of content, so many options are available.  Free classes in May are listed below — click the title to register:

ebrary — May 6th @ 3:00p.m. Eastern

ebrary — May 7th @ 2:30p.m. Eastern

ebrary — May 9th @ 1:00p.m. Eastern

ebrary — May 21st @ 2:00p.m. Eastern

ebrary — May 28th @ 4:00p.m. Eastern


ResearcherSIRS Issues Researcher

ProQuest K-12 resources are not simply sites on the Web delivering research content.  An excellent example of this is SIRS Issues Researcher.  SIRS Issues Researcher is the flagship of all resources under the SIRS name.  While providing information across the curriculum, SIRS Issues Researcher specializes in helping teach critical thinking, reasoning, and writing skills through the use of research tools and guides.  It provides a multi-faceted way of analyzing over 320 major societal issues, allowing for a rich understanding of the many points of view associated with each.  Join us for a review of these many tools and research helps, as well as quality in-depth content in support of Common Core.  Free classes in May are listed below — click the title to register:

SIRS Issues Researcher: Educator Tools — May 6th @ 2:30p.m. Eastern

SIRS Issues Researcher — May 8th @ 7:00p.m. Eastern

SIRS Issues Researcher — May 13th @ 11:00a.m. Eastern

SIRS Issues Researcher: Educator Tools — May 13th @ 12:00p.m. Eastern

SIRS Issues Researcher — May 28th @ 3:00p.m.


We also offer a wide variety of other free classes.  All classes offer attendance certificates, and you can enter a drawing for a gift certificate as well!  Click here to see our complete class listing.  The ProQuest K-12 training team is also available to privately schedule free online training meetings for you, your staff, key faculty, or larger groups.  We welcome the opportunity of working with you toward a successful experience with ProQuest!  Click here to locate and contact the trainer for your region.