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ProQuest Editors Attend the 2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference

Be a learner first. Get uncomfortable. Rethink learning. It’s not easy. Be brave. Connect. Teach and learn in an age of abundance. Embrace your superpower. Mold self-determined learners. Adopt technology.

2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference  (Credit: Amy Shaw)

2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference
(Credit: Amy Shaw)

These were a few of the themes at the 2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference.  ProQuest’s K-12 editors listened to featured speakers, attended several of the over 150 workshops, and interacted with teachers, librarians, school administrators, and education experts from Palm Beach County, FL and beyond. The underlying theme at the conference: bridging the gap between technology and education.

ProQuest Attends the 2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference  (Credit: Jaclyn Rosansky)

ProQuest Attends the 2014 Palm Beach County Technology Conference
(Credit: Jaclyn Rosansky)

Technology continues to transform our lives, but keynote speaker Will Richardson argues that education has been too slow to respond. Education today too often resembles the educational practices of yesteryear. Richardson argues that this must change if we are to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. He believes that students should have the same access to technology at school that they have elsewhere.  But he also admits that there are multiple barriers that prevent technology from being integrated seamlessly into lesson plans.

ProQuest wants to learn from you!

What are some of the challenges you face integrating technology in the classroom?

ProQuest Editors Ilana Cohen, Jennifer Oms, Jaclyn Rosansky, and Amy Shaw contributed to this post.

Reaching Out to Customers

ProQuest values its customers. Our first priority every day is the success and happiness of our customers. This is true of employees across the company, including the K12 editorial team. To ensure that the editorial team is creating and packaging the content that customers want, editors conduct market research and reach out to customers for feedback. In the past editors have interacted with customers in various ways. Let’s take a look at some of these efforts:

Customer Contact Campaigns: Periodically Product Managers will coordinate customer contact projects where editors interview customers via phone or email and collect product feedback. The feedback gathered from these campaigns is considered when making enhancements to the product.

(Credit: 1105 Media Inc. Ed-Tech Group)

Conference Attendance: Editors attend local conferences such as the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando and the Palm Beach Technology Conference. Conference attendance affords them the opportunity to interact with customers and keep abreast of changes and innovations in the marketplace.

Social Media: Social media provides another avenue for editors to interact with customers and follow industry trends. The ProQuest Homework Central Facebook page allows customers and end users to interact with editors and product managers. Supervising editor Christie Riegelhaupt maintains the @Christie_Editor Twitter handle; follow her today!

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