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CultureGrams — New Kids Country: Uzbekistan

The CultureGrams editors are excited to announce a new Kids edition country report!


CultureGrams: Uzbekistan Kids Country Report













The new Uzbekistan report includes detailed information on the history, culture, language, food, and daily life of this country.

Here are some fascinating Did You Knows about Uzbekistan:

  • One of the world’s largest gold mines is located in Uzbekistan’s Kyzyl Kum Desert.
  • In Uzbekistan, every man must serve in the army for at least one year. Before he leaves home, it’s a tradition to have him bite a piece of round Uzbek bread and hang it on the wall until he comes back.
  • Samarqand and Bukhara are more than two thousand years old and are some of the oldest cities in the world.
  • Out of respect, male community leaders are often called aksakal, meaning “white beard.”

Find out about the traditional festival Novruz, learn about marriage customs in Uzbekistan, and read about  life as a kid all in this colorful new report.


CultureGrams: Now and Then

photo (6)photo (8)photo india

Recently, the CultureGrams team embarked on an office clean-up day. During this early spring cleaning exercise, many of the new editors caught a glimpse at how country expansions were once collected. Many of our older files included hand-written reports mailed or faxed to us by CultureGram reviewers from all over the world. In this moment of nostalgia, I could not help but reflect on how far CultureGrams has come in its product development. Although the method of gathering material has changed, the quality and reliability of CultureGrams has not. What makes us such a valuable source, is our ability to adapt to our changing environment.

Some features that have been developed since moving from a print edition to an online database include videos, audio files, build-your-own-tables, a currency converter, and a distance calculator.  Leave a comment and let us know which tech features are your favorites!

CultureGrams World Edition  Afghanistan email

Users may share reports via email.

CultureGrams World Edition  Afghanistan better

Sound files for a country’s anthem and name can be located in the bottom center part of a report’s homepage.

-Jenni Boyle

CultureGrams: Expansions and Additional Content

Some of our readers may have noticed that some CultureGrams Country Reports have more information than others. Much of the reason for this is because we are currently working to expand all of our Country Reports. Because of how CultureGrams are created and expanded, this process can be lengthy. However, we believe that expanded CultureGrams are worth the wait, as they provide even more unique cultural information that is the CultureGrams specialty.

Last year, we expanded almost 60 reports, and plan to do many this year as well. As a sample, check out the recently expanded Japan report. Countries on deck for this year include Swaziland, Mongolia, Laos,  Samoa, Austria, Russia, and Chile. Check back for updates!

We also continually add to our multimedia collection of photosslideshowsvideos, and interviews.   Visit these areas regularly for new content. As always, we welcome suggestions for additional content you would like to see in CultureGrams.

-Andrew Selman