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CultureGrams: International Women’s Day (March 8)

Women in Kenya (photo via the CultureGrams Photo Gallery)

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 (this Wednesday) around the world. Learn how it’s observed in various countries from CultureGrams:

  • Burkina Faso: On International Women’s Day, official celebrations are held in cities. Many Burkinabè, especially women, dress up in a fabric designed each year for the event. People also celebrate by going to bars to drink, eat, and dance.
  • Kyrgyzstan: On International Women’s Day, men give gifts to the women in their lives, including grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, classmates, co-workers, and wives or girlfriends.
  • Mauritania: International Women’s Day is celebrated in each regional capital with a fair at which women’s cooperatives from the surrounding area display and sell their goods. A ceremony is held and includes speeches by government leaders. Many development organizations present awareness campaigns.
  • Ukraine: On International Women’s Day, everyone gets the day off work. Women receive flowers and gifts, as well as household help from their husbands. Special attention is paid to mothers, and girls are congratulated as future women.
  • Madagascar: International Women’s Day is celebrated across Madagascar, even in small villages. The day’s events typically include a gathering at the mayor’s office, where women’s groups perform traditional dances for the town’s officials in return for a small monetary gift. Women in the northeastern part of the island commonly wear matching blouses and lamba (long cotton wraps). They often make noise using whistles and condensed-milk cans fashioned into rattles.

Women in Voloina, Madagascar, celebrate International Women’s Day (photo via the CultureGrams Photo Gallery)

Learn more about holidays around the world from the Holidays section of World and Kids edition CultureGrams reports!

CultureGrams: Over 100 New Videos!

We’ve recently added 102 new videos to the CultureGrams video collection! These unique videos, produced by CultureGrams editors from footage submitted from contributors around the world, highlight many aspects of daily life and culture for 11 countries.

We’re offering two of these in full to non-subscribers via YouTube, so share with your colleagues and friends!

Kids collect water in the Central African Repbulic . . .

and musicians and dancers perform in Ethiopia.

You can also witness scenes from Burkina Faso’s revolution, attend a wedding in Cameroon, watch a dance competition in DR Congo, join the world in commemorating South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, shiver with ice swimmers in Hungary, ride the tube in the UK, and much more.

Special thanks to our prolific contributor Salym Fayad for providing beautiful, culturally important footage for so many of these videos.

All 728 videos in the CultureGrams collection are available for streaming and download. Feel free to incorporate these videos into presentations or use them for other educational purposes. Or watch them just for the fun of it. Enjoy!

CultureGrams — New Kids Country: Burkina Faso

The CultureGrams editors are excited to announce a new Kids edition country report!

Burkina Faso Kids Edition Report

Burkina Faso Kids Edition Report

The new Burkina Faso report includes detailed information on the history, culture, language, food, and daily life of this country.

Here are some fascinating Did You Knows about Burkina Faso:

  • Burkina Faso is Africa’s largest producer of cotton.
  • The white stallion is the national animal of Burkina Faso. Two white stallions are pictured on the nation’s coat of arms, and the national soccer team is called the Stallions.
  • Burkina means “honor” in the native Mooré language, and Faso means “fatherland” in the native Dioula language.
  • On average, women in Burkina Faso each have six children over the course of their lifetimes.

Find out about the unique Dodo Carnival, read about life as a kid in Burkina Faso, and discover many different traditional Burkinabè foods all in this colorful new report.