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Searching and Browsing by Topic

Most people’s tendency when they enter eLibrary is to go straight to the Basic search box and begin searching by keyword. Believe it or not, there are other options. If you know what you’re looking for, why not browse or search by topic? This can be accomplished by clicking on theĀ Topics Tab tab above the Basic Search box. From here you can either search by topic (Search Topic) just as you would from Basic Search, or you can browse all topics in eLibrary by clicking on any of the topics below Search by Topic.

To browse eLibrary’s entire topic tree, click any topic on the Topics page. For example, you if want to Browse by Topicbrowse British Authors you can click on Arts, then on Literature (or look under Arts and click the Literature tab), then click on British Literature. You can then click on British Authors and find a large collection of authors from the British Isles. From there you can View Results to get a Topic Results, which is similar to search results from the Basic Search page. In many cases, viewing results from Browse Topics will produce better, more refined results.

Research Topic View ResultseLibrary’s ProQuest Research Topics can also be accessed from the Browse by Topic function. Any topic that has a gold star by it has a companion ProQuest Research Topic. Simply click on View Results with a gold star next to it and a Research Topic will display along with your Browse by Topic results.

This is just another great way to find resources in eLibrary. If you’re looking for something very specific and you already kind of know what you’re looking for, searching and browsing by topic may be the ticket for you. For more information on Browse by Topic, click here. You can also find more information on searching and browsing by topic by watching eLibrary’s training video here.