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Go Gold in September!

As children grow, they start to realize what they want to become in life or do in the future. They look to their teachers and parents for guidance and support. When they voice their dreams, it usually isn’t hard to imagine reaching those dreams one day. But sometimes life deals a wildcard. Cancer. Childhood cancer can lead to death and “nearly 2,000 children die of cancer each year in the United States” according to the National Cancer Institute. That is far too many.

When a little girl named Annie Bartosz lost her twin brother Jack to cancer, she decided to start Gold in September or the G9 project. With a goal to bring awareness to pediatric cancer front and center, the project encourages everyone to show support through the color gold. Finding a cure for cancer will help all children grow up healthy and reach their dreams. Just as pink is the chosen color to represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, gold represents Childhood Cancer Awareness in September because “children are precious” just like the precious metal.

Here are some resources where you can learn about childhood cancers and find ways to help:

This year you can make a difference by lighting your life and the lives of others gold.

Video Credit: Gold In September via YouTube

World Hello Day: November 21

Bonjour! Hola! Ni Hao!

Today marks the 41st annual World Hello Day!

The Hello Day initiative began as an effort to demonstrate the importance of personal communication and preserve world peace. Started in 1973, in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel during the Yom Kippur War, this day is now observed by people in 180 countries. All you have to do is reach out to just ten people on November 21st. By greeting others, the message expresses that world leaders should use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.

Do your part to promote world peace and “greet ten people for peace”– you can even learn to say “hello” in a different language. Then, why not stop by our Facebook page at ProQuest Homework Central and say Hello!