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And the Oscar Goes to…

OscarOn this day in 1929, the first Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California.  A far more subdued affair than the star-studded, televised event it is today, it featured no red carpet entrances or fashion commentary by Joan Rivers. It was a private event attended by 270 guests, and tickets cost $5. To learn more about the fascinating history of the Academy Awards, from who won the very first Best Actor and Best Actress awards to which film received Best Picture at the most recent award ceremony, turn to Renaissance’s Award Recipients database, which lists major award winners in the arts and humanities.

Besides the Academy Awards, other prestigious awards featured in the database include the Man Booker Prize, the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the Bollingen Prize in Poetry, the American Music Awards, the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the MacArthur Fellowships.