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Doodling: It Does a Brain Good


Credit: Pixabay. License: CC0 Public Domain.


Have you ever been in class or a meeting and find yourself doodling—drawing pictures or writing words—in the margins or your notebook or on your agenda? It happens frequently among the most focused students and teachers. Although many believe doodlers create their work because the mind is wandering, daydreaming or bored, that is not always the case. Doodling is not a “mindless activity” but more likely an engaging and productive one.  It is no longer considered a waste of time.

According to current research in neuroscience and psychology, doodling can assist in managing focus and absorbing information.  For children with learning and attention deficits such as ADHD, research has shown doodling can help them with concentration and keep them from distractions because it is a repetitive function.

Even presidents of the United States doodled. Herbert Hoover was a “prolific presidential doodler.”  Ronald Reagan doodled sketches at a meeting of world leaders in Ottawa in 1981. Congressmen have been known to auction their doodles to raise funds noting that doodling raises concentration.  Leaders of major corporations are doodlers. Bill Gates is a notable one.

Doodling can have positive consequences. College student Jody Steel turned the fame she gained from the doodles she created on her right thigh while in class into several job offers.

Research continues to be conducted on doodling as it relates to concentration, listening and thinking. Doodling may not work for everyone, but it can be an effective and powerful tool in maintaining attention and focus.  Catch the doodle bug!