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Murder Rocks Iron Age. Suspects Sought.

For centuries, corpses have turned up in the peat bogs of Northern Europe. The bodies, many of which appear to be the remains of people of status and wealth, are “pickled” after spending many hundreds of years in the acidic and low-oxygen water.  The bodies are often so well-preserved that the organs and even the content of the stomachs are intact, offering scientists clues about the circumstances of the individuals and the times in which they lived. Scientists believe that some were victims of ritualized killings, either for the purpose of justice or for religious sacrifice.

eLibrary’s “Bog Bodies” Research Topic, which is sure to grab the attention of students, could be an asset in classroom discussions of Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Science. And, Halloween is the perfect time to introduce this somewhat gross but very interesting topic to students.

Bog Bodies Research Topic





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