SKS Spotlight of the Month: Winter Olympics

For the first time in Russia’s history, the country will host the Winter Olympics. On February 7, the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Games will take place in Sochi, a Russian resort city that is known for its warm summers and mild winters.

2014 Winter Olympics on stamps <br \> by http://www.irkps.ru/images/sochi.jpg, via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

2014 Winter Olympics on stamps
http://www.irkps.ru/images/sochi.jpg, via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

The city has been preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics since the 2007 announcement that it had been selected to host the Games. More than $51 billion has been spent so far, making these Games the most expensive in Olympic history. The preparations have also been mired in controversy, such as the large amount of construction waste produced during building and the Olympic Committee’s handling of Russia’s “anti-gay” law.

Despite difficulties, the 2014 Winter Olympics promise to deliver what all Olympic Games do–spectacular feats of athletic prowess amid incredible competition. Join SKS and its January Spotlight of the Month in celebrating the Winter Olympics. Quiz yourself on the International Olympic Committee and its new president, Thomas Bach. Meet Olympians, learn about Winter Olympic history, explore winter sporting events, and engage yourself with the grandeur and triumphs of the Winter Olympics.

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