Making Connections with Your ProQuest Tools

PQRC Connections

Do you have ProQuest Research Companion?  If so, congratulations on an outstanding new research instructional tool!  Perhaps you also have ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher.  If so, did you know you can connect the My Analysis research tools page in ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher to related modules in ProQuest Research Companion?  You can, and it’s easy to do!  All you need is to copy your My Analysis URL and paste it as a link to the Recommended Resources section in ProQuest Research Companion, using your Admin login.  Your students will not only be referred to a great learning tool in ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher, but they can also jump from there right into their research.

You don’t have to stop there.  You can connect any Web-accessible site as a Recommended Resource in ProQuest Research Companion.  Let us show you how.

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