Teaching with Editorial Cartoons

ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher database is rich in graphic content, including a large collection of editorial cartoons that offer insight into key social issues of the past and present. Editorial cartoons can be valuable learning tools for young researchers. Students are naturally drawn to cartoons, and these primary source documents grab their attention, are thought-provoking, and are often quite funny. Assignments based on analyzing editorial cartoons can help students develop the visual literacy and critical thinking skills they will need as they continue their education.

Many of the 335 SIRS Issues Researcher Leading Issues highlight editorial cartoons. These cartoons can help students understand the pros and cons of the issue and encourage them to learn more about it. Here are just a few examples of Leading Issues that use editorial cartoons that may spark an interest in your students: Body Image, Business Ethics, Controversial Mascots, Cursive Writing, Helicopter Parents, Internet and Mobile Advertising and Tanning Salons.

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