Need Research Topics?

Research is part of the curriculum at every level. Often the most difficult part of research is getting started and deciding on a topic of a paper or project. Regardless if a student is in middle school, high school, or community college, ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher has a topic for them.

As Butte College Library explains in their helpful video, the 330+ Leading Issues can be easily browsed by topic name. Then to discover a topic of interest, a student can drill down to get more information.

Clicking on any topic in the A-Z list will bring students to a topic overview, timeline, related viewpoint articles, and other features.

Scaffolded Instruction: Leading Issues are scaffolded for different learning needs. A middle school student may choose the majority of research from the topic overview and selected viewpoint articles whereas a high school or college student will start at the overview then dig deeper in the results list for more advanced informational text.

So have your students start their research the easy way with Leading Issues. Your next topic is just a click away.

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