Anatomy of a Leading Issue

SIRS Issues Researcher offers in-depth analysis of more than 330 current and pervasive Leading Issues. Each Leading Issue offers various components to help users understand the issue from every angle. Let’s take a look at each component:

Leading Issue

Screencap of a Leading Issue via ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

 Topic Overview: An editorially created summary provides the foundation for understanding every Leading Issue by examining the background and history of the issue and putting it in context. From the Topic Overview page, users can also access “Terms to Know” and “Additional Resources” including significant organizations, key figures and milestone events surrounding the issue.

 At Issue Summary: This summary also provides a foundation for understanding an issue by zeroing in on a narrower issue within the context of a larger issue. From the At Issue page, users can also access Perspectives—quotes from prominent figures—and Critical Thinking & Analysis questions.

 Essential Questions: These questions engage researchers by narrowing down a broad issue and helping users understand the specific issue under debate. Each Essential Question offers answers and Viewpoint articles which support both sides of an issue.

 Timeline: An editorially curated timeline provides historical context by highlighting key events and milestones surrounding the issue.

● Global Impact & Statistics: These two features broaden student comprehension by examining an issue from a non-U.S. perspective and by providing data that users can analyze and compare.

These are just a sampling of the special features that SIRS Issues Researcher offers. With access to full-text articles, multimedia and graphics, SIRS covers Leading Issues from the pro to the con and everything in between.

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