What Are Baby Animals Called?

Kids love learning about animals. It’s a fascinating topic for children of all ages. One question I get from my kids is “What are baby animals called?” Some answers are easier than others. For example, cats are called kittens, dogs are called puppies, and so on. But some are not so easy to guess and might take a little research to find.

To celebrate our SIRS Discoverer Animal Facts feature, here are 10 examples of what some baby animals are called.


Animal Facts via SIRS Discoverer

Swans are called cygnets.

Alligators are called hatchlings.

Eagles are called fledglings or eaglets.

Goats are called kids.

Otters are called whelps.

Platypuses are called puggles.

Rats are called pinkies.

Spiders are called spiderlings.

Turkeys are called poults.

Gooses are called goslings.

When doing assignments on animals, direct your students to Animal Facts for all the information they need for an elementary-level research project. You’ll find Animal Facts on the front page under Explore Features on the updated interface of SIRS Discoverer.

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