SIRS Discoverer – New! Winter 2014 Product Update

SIRS Discoverer’s dedicated editorial and development teams were hard at work throughout 2013 creating new features and content.  Each new feature was prioritized and designed in response to feedback from our valued customers like you.

This product update details the new features that now available in SIRS Discoverer, all in support of curriculum standards including Reading Informational Text, Listening, Language, and Information Literacy.  New feature highlights include:


  • Article Translation on-the-fly translation of every article to 11 languages
  • Export to Easybib –  export citation information from every article into your EasyBib bibliography
  • iThink Skills Tutor – direct instruction and assessment of critical thinking skills and information literacy standards

    Easy access to over 500 nonfiction books, including DK Eyewitenss Series provides motivating, highly-graphical reference material from popular publishers.

    New Nonfiction Books feature

  • Nonfiction Books feature – 500+ titles graphically organized with easy links to PDF book format
  • Readspeaker – text-to-speech with highlighting now on every article page
  • Source type icon display sources noted on search results and article page
  • Thumbnail display of images sneak peek at all graphics

Stay tuned for more new curriculum-based content, features and tools in SIRS Discoverer in 2014.

Have a suggestion?  What else can we add to SIRS Discoverer to make your life easier?  Comment below or email SIRS Product Manager: tami.kirk@proquest.com.

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