10 Wacky Animals Perfect for Student Research!

Animals are so much fun to learn about! My kids love to hear fun facts about animals. It’s so fun they don’t even realize they are learning.

To celebrate Animal Facts, a popular feature in SIRS Discoverer, here are facts about 10 wacky animals that you probably don’t know exist and that are perfect for research!

Animal Facts via SIRS Discoverer

1. Kinkajous are mammals that live in Central America and South America. They have long prehensile tails to help them grip tree branches.

2. Narwhals are a type of whale. They are marine mammals and have long spiral tusks that can reach up to 9 feet long.

3. Cicadas are insects that can live underground as nymphs for up to 17 years.

4. Mole crabs are types of invertebrates. They have hard outer exoskeletons and live in the swash zone on many beaches.

5. Frilled lizards are reptiles. They are named for the large frill around their necks. They raise their frills to scare away other animals.

6. Molas, also called sunfish, are very large and unusual looking creatures. They are the largest bony fish living in the ocean.

7. Kiwis are small birds that can only be found in New Zealand. They have long, pointy bills and they cannot fly.

8. Fossas are mammals that live only in the forests of Madagascar. They look like cats but are actually related to mongooses.

9. Tarsiers are mammals that have very large eyes which help them see better in the dark.

10. Kakapos are birds. They are the largest parrots in the world. They are nocturnal and cannot fly.

When doing assignments on animals, direct your students to Animal Facts for all the information they need for an elementary-level research project. You’ll find Animal Facts on the front page under Explore Features on the updated interface of SIRS Discoverer.

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