6 Helpful Resources for the Educator Twitter Newbie


Me: A Twitter Newbie

Twitter serves as one of the best places to stay connected to educators because educators dominate the Twitter-sphere. But as I learned this summer at the 2nd Annual FAME Unconference, many educators are just like me–they are new to the Twitter world and want to learn how to tap into its professional development goodness for the sake of connection, community and learning.

During my recent adventures in Twitter, I have come across some super helpful tools and sites that have enabled me organize and focus. So from one Twitter newbie to another, I offer you these resources to make your Twitter life easier:

1. The SkittleFall: Sparky Teaching provides the cutest and most useful information on the basics of Twitter.

2. Kathy Schrock’s Twitter for Teachers: For a 101 on all things Twitter in education, this site is awesome. One of my favorite cheat sheets I accessed from this site: Dr. Kimberly Tyson’s Cheet Sheet for Educators. In this helpful reference sheet, Tyson offers Twitter basics, key terms and hashtags for education.

3. Hootsuite: After you set up your Twitter world and are following many people, this tool helps prevent Twitter overload. Hootsuite is where I organize and focus my Twitter learning and interaction through tabs where I follow particular people, lists and #hashtags. #edchat and #tlchat are two of my favorite #hashtags.

4. Buffer: Like you, my time is limited for social media. That’s why I love Buffer. I use Buffer to schedule my posts throughout the day so my feed has activity even after I have moved on to other tasks.

5. SumAll: How am I doing? SumAll answers this question with weekly statistics about my Twitter activity. Also, it thanks those who retweet my posts on my behalf–a neat bonus.

6. ManageFlitter: If you are like me, you start Twitter a bit overeager and follow way too many people from just about anywhere. I use ManageFlitter and its helpful organizational tools to assist with following those who focus solely on education. Quality is better than quantity.

If you are an educator Twitter newbie, I encourage you to start small and build from there. Twitter is a useful way to gain feedback from other educators on best practices, lesson plans and to build connections with teachers, librarians or even an editor like me. And you never know, you just might find your educational soulmate.

You can find me on Twitter as Christie_Editor.

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