Where Am I? How to Find Maps in eLibrary

Quick!  Where is Guinea-Bissau?  How do you get to Djibouti?  How far away is Turkmenistan?  If you want to find out where in the world these places are, you don’t need a GPS.  All you need is the Advanced Search function of eLibrary.  By using the Advanced Search option, you can find  maps of just about any place in the world.

Getting started is easy.  Just click the Advanced Search option on the main search page of eLibrary.  Hit the Clear All icon and select Maps. Then, key in the country or state you are looking for in the Search box. To further focus your search results, type the country or state name into the Document Title box and click the green Advanced Search button.

Your first search result will usually be a Research Topic Page for that particular country or state.  Below it will be a list of maps from Maps.com, Global Electronic Map Set, CIA World Factbook, National Geographic Maps and Maps of the World from Magellan Geographix.

 In addition to basic country or state maps, you can also search for regional maps, maps of continents, maps of the oceans, as well as specialized maps, which include information such as population density, crops, weather patterns and more.

To find out where you are going, or where you have been, take advantage of eLibrary’s extensive collection of maps.


-Tom Mason


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