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If you are a regular eLibrary user, you have probably seen–and hopefully made use of–our Research Topic pages, which provide a jump start to research by presenting some of the best and harder-to-find resources on thousands of topics.

A Research Topic is returned above a results list when the user’s search term matches one of the multiple keyword phrases that our editors have applied to the RT. A page can also appear as an item in the results list if it is not an exact match but is related to the search. There is also a browseable list of all of the more than 10,000 pages.

For a number of broad areas, we also have ProQuest Research Topic Guides, which  are collections of links to other pages–they are kind of like Research Topics about Research Topics. While these guides are not necessarily comprehensive, they can be good jumping-off points that highlight the range of our pages and provide easy access to a representative sample.

African-American History Research Topic Guide

Clip from the African-American History Research Topic Guide via ProQuest eLibrary

You can access the guides just like you do any other Research Topic. In the basic or advanced search box, begin typing “ProQuest Research Topic Guide” and a drop-down list will appear. Either continue typing if you know the full name of the guide or pick one out of the list. Alternately, you can go to the “P” page of the Research Topics browse, links for which are on the basic search page and on the publications page.

Research Topics link on the Basic Search page


pubtabsmallcircled2   >>>   pubrtsmallarrow2

Here are links to the “P” page and to the guides we have so far:

“P” page in the Research Topics browse



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