ProQuest Editorial Websites

Nearly every student knows how to search the web. But are they always good consumers of open web information? Let ProQuest Editorial Websites help model what reputable open web information looks like!

eLibrary has more than 100,000 ProQuest Editorial Websites categorized to the 17,000 topics in the eLibrary Topic Tree. The websites also aid “behind the scenes” autocategorization to bring relevant newspaper, magazine, reference, and multimedia content to each of these topics.

eLibrary editors review and select hundreds of websites every month to deliver accurate and reliable open web content. We continually monitor them to shield users from defunct websites and objectionable content.

You can encounter our web selections in a variety of ways. They are often among the articles selected on our Research Topic pages, or they can be found with an eLibrary search. To limit your search results to web selections only, just check the “Websites” box on the front page or on the Advanced Search page:

You can use the “Bring results type to top” box to make websites, or any other document type, appear first in your results:

Clicking on the URL inside the ProQuest Editorial Website document will then open a new window, making it easy to return to eLibrary.

Now just take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news from the Mars Exploration Program!

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