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eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edition (as well as the Canadian counterparts of those two products) include hundreds of full text books and book collections, many with inline images and some even with brief video clips. These books across the spectrum, from biographies, histories, and factbooks to encyclopedias, year books and almanacs. Publishers include such recognized names as Houghton-Mifflin, Dorling Kindersley, Britannica, World Book and World Almanac.

Books are segmented by chapter or entry and are cross-searchable with the wide range of other eLibrary content sources, including periodicals, web sites, maps and multimedia. Unlike conventional eBooks, these books are not designed to be loaded in common eBook readers like Nook or Kindle. However, because eLibrary is available via tablet devices like the iPad, users can have a simulated eBook experience by viewing the eLibrary books on their tablet web browser of choice.

For a comprehensive list of digitized books by category in eLibrary, visit the ProQuest web site.

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner is Product Manager Lead at ProQuest. He oversees product management responsibilities for the eLibrary and CultureGrams product families. He’s been with ProQuest since 1996, serving in a number of editorial and publishing roles. He has an M.A. in Latin American History from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and taught for five years as an Adjunct Professor at Broward College. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his wife, Rebecca.
Larry Wilkner

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