Getting the Message in Poetry

Poets On Screen

Amber, by Gillian Clarke — Poets On Screen Library, ProQuest Learning: Literature

In ProQuest Learning: Literature, there are all many resources connected to poetry. You can gain insight into the writings of famous poets by reading about their lives, their time periods, and their personal backgrounds. You can read thousands of full-text poems right within the resource itself, for easy and quick access, or access websites that provide expanded access and discussions about poetry.  One of the most valuable tools in ProQuest Learning: Literature is the Poets On Screen library. This video library offers over 800 poems, read by noted poets, offering rich insight into the deeper meanings behind the words. Take a closer look at ProQuest Learning: Literature. It’s available by itself, or even more popularly, as part of the eLibrary Curriculum Edition set, which combines eLibrary with ProQuest Learning: Literature and History Study Center.

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