Getting Ideas

eLibSciSpecSearchesProQuest eLibrary Science offers a full range of information that may be used at many different learning levels. These include access to science fair projects and experiments, interactive science websites, images, audio and video, reference books, and challenging periodical content. One place that can lead to ideas about science research and learning is found right on the front page. The right hand sidebar provides searches for information on hundreds of famous scientists with connections to articles and websites about their work. It also contains a daily XML feed of news in the world of science, which may be used to spur a person’s imagination or inspire an interest in various branches of science. The last section gives the opportunity to see how much science has contributed to our knowledge and our world today, by highlighting significant events that happened in science history and connecting people to information about those events. All of this, right on the front page. Consider the ideas that could come from it!

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