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eLibrary is well regarded as a source of premier secondary sources like The Economist, The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times and Popular Science to name just a few of the thousands of active and historic periodicals represented in the K12 product. However, it is less well known that there are a plethora of primary source documents available in eLibrary K12 as well.Bounty

For example, there are a number of books in the Oxford University Press Pages from History series included with 100% full-text and inline images and captions.  The Series offers a mixture of textual and visual primary source documents, including diaries, letters, sermons, newspaper columns, and poems supplemented and explained by compelling narrative text. The documents are ideal length for classroom discussion and are inviting to visually-oriented students. The list of titles appear below:

  • The American Revolution: A History in Documents
  • The Bill of Rights: A History in Documents
  • The Civil War: A History in Documents
  • The Cold War: A History in Documents
  • Colonial America: A History in Documents
  • Encounters in the New World: A History in Documents
  • The Gilded Age: A History in Documents
  • Twentieth Century China: A History in Documents
  • The Vietnam War: A History in Documents
  • World War I: A History in Documents

The World Book Year Books and World Book Science Year Books offer a listing of the most significant world events of each year.  Published since 1921, the World Book Year Book is known as an authoritative reference in the field and provides insight into what the conventional wisdom was about the events & people cataloged in the volume of a particular year.

For example, the entry for the year 1963 on Smoking, details the Surgeon General’s report on the health effects of smoking, but includes a comment by the then American Medical Association president: “Dr. Edward R. Annis urged everyone to ‘give careful attention’ to the report, but said, ‘it is unrealistic to assume that the American people are suddenly going to quit smoking.‘”

The 1927 entry on the early experiments in the creation of television posited: “It is confidently expected that within a few years a family may sit in front of the radio and see action pictures of any athletic event, as a baseball or football game, or may see a statesman in his familiar poses as he delivers an address to a thousand people.

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Short video clips from the MPI Media group offer insights into topics as diverse as world affairs, fashion, sports and the arts from various periods in the Twentieth Century.

The Getty Historical Image collection offers hundreds of iconic images from the Twentieth Century, perfect for inclusion in student or teacher presentations.

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner

Larry Wilkner is Product Manager Lead at ProQuest. He oversees product management responsibilities for the eLibrary and CultureGrams product families. He’s been with ProQuest since 1996, serving in a number of editorial and publishing roles. He has an M.A. in Latin American History from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and taught for five years as an Adjunct Professor at Broward College. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his wife, Rebecca.
Larry Wilkner

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